Beeches Community Group

Helping to Improve our Neighbourhood Together.

During the summer of 2009, the residents of Beeches were called to local meetings and encouraged to look more closely at the area in which they lived.

Since then residents have met regularly to identify where improvements are needed, work to make those improvements happen, support their neighbours and generally develop a stronger community spirit for residents of all ages.

The Beeches Community Group is now working with local authorities and organisations to support residents and improve their day to day lives. Sub groups are working on such things as:

Litter, Highways issues (Safety, Parking and road surfaces), Public Rights of Way and a Welcome Pack for New Residents

The Group also supported residents in negotiating with the developer of a nearby housing estate, and is working with young people to plant trees and bulbs along a well used path and with authorities to address dog fouling.

Beeches is the one Ward in Cirencester that has no community facility but we are now looking forward to working with the Town and District Councils to represent residents' interests in new community facilities close to Kingshill School.

The Group meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Ingleside House at 6.45pm.

If you have a 'bee in your bonnet' about life in Beeches or live in the Ward and would like to be more involved with your community then please get in touch with:

Visit our website:

Chair : Lynn Hilditch

Vice Chair: Malcolm Lewis

Secretary/Treasurer: Caroline Braidwood