Friends Groups

Cirencester has a number of Friends Groups for our green spaces. The groups focus on improving and supporting the Town Council in the management of key sites. 

Each green space has its own positives and challenges and our Friends Groups are all active in different ways, such as:

  • Raising funds for improvements
  • Delivering events for families and local communities
  • Researching and sourcing information
  • Creating publications
  • Practical working groups
  • Feeding into green space management and consultations

 Abbey Grounds Friends

The Abbey Grounds Friends Group formed in 2011 to help all park users get involved in their local park. Abbey Grounds Friends Group was founded to be a mutually beneficial partnership between the landowner of the Abbey Grounds, Cirencester Town Council and all park users. We act as an information hub, as a way for park users to express their thoughts and opinions, and to initiate and develop projects of benefit to all users.

We are currently working hard behind the scenes to gather information on the Abbey Grounds to inform a new management plan and to build a case for re-planting of trees in the Grounds. We also carry out practical conservation days. 

In 2012 we delivered Love Parks Week, a week of free family activities, in the Abbey Grounds. In 2013 we created a new information leaflet about the Grounds, provided consultation support for interpretation around the Grounds, got involved with Love Parks Week again and carried out a number of practical projects.

The group meets quarterly when there are issues or topics to discuss. We usually meet at the Bingham Gallery and Conference Suite, opposite the Bear Inn or in the Abbey Grounds itself. Members will be informed in advance of date and venue by email. It will also be posted on our Facebook Page.

If you would like to become a friend please contact or phone 01285 655646.

AQIVA Friends (Friends Of Amphitheatre, Querns Woods and Four Acre Field)

AQIVA Friends was formed in 2012 to help users of the amphitheatre complex keep up to date with what is happening at the site and get involved in making it an even better community space. The site comprises not just the Amphitheatre but also includes Querns Woods, Four Acre Field and the Obelisk.

Working closely with the Town Council, and other partners, our aim is to be involved in the promotion, development and protection of the complex, with a focus on key issues of history, heritage, health, leisure, education and the environment ensuring that it has something to offer for all ages.

Over the past few years we have supported the Town Council with a number of events and activities including: -
•    Developing a 10 year ‘Master Plan’ for the amphitheatre complex
•    planting new trees in Querns Wood with Waitrose; 
•    improving pathways and ongoing clearance in the woods
•    tree labelling with adult learners from Cirencester College;
•    collaborating with the NHS to sow wild flowers on Four Acres together with children from local primary schools and members of the Green Gym
•    The inception of the Whereat Trail which guides people from the town centre to the amphitheatre site.
•    Undertaking a consultation to improve Four Acre Field that has resulted in the provision of a notice board and benches and will soon see the installation of outdoor gym equipment
•     Significant improvements around the obelisk, including a pathway via a bridge into the amphitheatre and better parking facilities.
•    Installation of new signage and information boards together with English Heritage & the Corinium Museum.

Over the past few years we have taken part the Heritage Open Day weekend and have provided guided walks around the site and given a ‘talk and walk’ to look for bats in the evening which we plan to repeat in 2016.

If you know of a group who would like a guided walk around the amphitheatre complex at another time to learn more about its history and heritage please get in touch.
Our Management Committee meets at 7pm on the 4th Thursday of each month, usually at Chesterton Primary School, Cirencester.  All are welcome to come along.

Please see our  Facebook page or follow our Twitter feed @aqiva_ciren

We are currently developing a website. For this to be successful we need interesting content so, if you have any old photos, news clippings, stories about the amphitheatre complex you would be happy to share please email them to Howard on

If you would like to become a member of AQIVA and be put on our mailing list to receive our quarterly newsletters and other up-dates please contact our Secretary Alison  or contact   / 01285 655646.


Friends of City Bank

The Friends of City Bank was formed in 2012 to improve City Bank and the Old Nursery Site. The Group offers a platform to discuss issues and future works to help make City Bank a valuable community resource.

In 2013 we have helped shape the plans for the future of the Old Nursery Site with Cirencester Town Council.

2014 sees us looking at the wider area of City Bank, to date we have taken part in the dog fouling campaign the 'Big Scoop', looked at ways to improve safety with Kingshill School pupils and began to look at improvements around the river.

The group currently meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7pm. Venue is subject to availability. Members are notified of meeting venue and agenda in.

If you would like to become a member of the Friends of City Bank, please contact / 01285 655646. Please also see our Facebook Page.