Grant Aid and Financial Support 2017/18

Grant Aid and Financial Support 2017/18

The Town Council continues to recognise and respond to local needs through the availability of grant aid to individuals and local organisations.  In 2017/18, the Town Council is increasing its grants budget by £400 to a total of £3,000; applications for grant aid will be considered where the aims and objectives demonstrate an economic, social or environmental benefit to the local community.

Abbey 900

Abbey  900

A festival of events to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Augustinian Abbey of St Mary, in Cirencester.2017.    Although relations between Abbey and townspeople were sometimes difficult as the Abbey was powerful and held sway over everyone’s life, the wealth it brought to the town became the foundation of the economy we enjoy today.

Dogs in the Abbey Grounds

Dogs are to continue to be kept on the lead on the north side of the lake in the Abbey Grounds. Dogs can continue to be off the lead on the south side of the lake.

This decision will be subject to review in April 2017 pending the anticipated appointment of an Environmental Warden who will have full enforcement powers across the parks and green spaces of Cirencester.  In the mean time Town Council staff will continue to make patrols in the Abbey Grounds.

These decisions have been informed by the informal survey we conducted to gather people’s ideas. It is clear that dog owners value being able to exercise their dogs in the Abbey Grounds, particularly because it is an accessible, sociable and safe place to do so.

The survey also highlighted the fact that there are adults and children who are afraid of dogs or who have had bad experiences and therefore appreciate that an area of the park has dogs kept on the lead. The north side of the lake has been chosen because it is a clearly defined area, it gives protection to one side of the lake, and the children’s playground is here.

Overwhelmingly the respondents of the survey wanted to see enforcement action, not only for dog fouling and dogs under control but also for littering and antisocial behaviour
It is recognised that this measure is an acceptable compromise. 

Cotswold Careline - Help is on Hand this Winter

A press release from Cotswold Careline:

As the clocks change and the dark winter nights draw in, Cotswold residents will be reassured to know help is on hand to keep them safe in their own homes. It’s at this time of year that a minority of people use Halloween or Bonfire Night as an excuse to act irresponsibly, playing tricks on others and mishandling fireworks, leaving people feeling vulnerable and scared, especially if they live alone.

Cotswold Careline offers a ‘Bogus Caller’ service, which can be used in the event of a situation that causes worry and distress or an intimidating visitor.   With the simple press of a ‘Bogus Caller’ button a silent alarm is raised, which automatically connects to the professional team at the monitoring centre.  The team are available 24/7, so help is always on hand and once the alarm is activated the team can discreetly listen into the situation and assess whether there is a need to summon assistance.

The ‘Bogus Caller’ service is known to be particularly reassuring to the elderly or residents living alone, those with special needs or learning difficulties and victims of domestic violence.
The service works in conjunction with a Careline alarm box and provides extra security without intrusion, helping residents to feel safe in their own homes and provides peace of mind for their family and friends, particularly through the dark winter months.

A spokesperson for Cotswold Careline said:  “When the clocks go back on 30 October, it can be an unnerving time for vulnerable members of the community, especially if they live alone.”
“The ‘Bogus Caller’ service provides immediate reassurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the more vulnerable members of the community.”  “Installation of the low cost ‘Bogus Caller’ service is so quick and easy that our latest customers are telling us that they wish they had the service in their homes years ago.” “The service is available to everyone and there is no qualifying pre-assessment.  It can be tailored to individual requirements, ensuring support and help is always available to those who need it.”

To find out more about the ‘Bogus Caller’ service call the Cotswold Careline team on 01594 812505, or alternatively email or visit the Cotswold Careline website The friendly staff will be able to answer any questions people may have and can offer a no obligation free home demonstration.             

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

The audit of Cirencester Town Council's accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016 has been concluded. 

Section 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 provides for the exercise of public rights to inspect the statement of accounts.

The statement of accounts of Cirencester Town Council is available for inspection on reasonable notice on application to:

Andrew Tubb
Chief Executive Officer
Bingham House
1 Dyer Street
01285 655646


Notice of Conclusion of Audit

New Bus Service Coming to Cirencester From Mid August

Do you need help with transport to go shopping?

Community Connexions are providing a new door-to-door shopper bus service from mid-August in Cirencester. This is a pre-bookable service on which passengers will be able to use their bus passes, so particularly useful for those with mobility issues. The bus service picks you up from your home and takes you into Cirencester every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

As from the week beginning 1st August 2016 Community Connexions are also  offering the following Friday excursions from Fairford and surrounding villages:-

Witney – 1st Friday of the month
Carterton – 2nd Friday of the month
Swindon Orbital – 3rd Friday of the month
Central Swindon – 4th Friday of the month

The return fare for each passenger on these pre-bookable trips is £12.50 with a minimum of 8 passengers required to ensure that the trip goes ahead.

f you would like any further information or to contact Community Connexions call 0345 680 5029