Town Centre Regeneration Project

Drawings and plans have been prepared and discussed over many years for improvements to traffic management and public realm in the Market Place in Cirencester.

The principle of improvement is now enshrined in local planning policy documents as well as the Cirencester Community Plan, Our Future Cirencester. Town Centre and High Street regeneration projects now also receive significant national support, like the Mary Portas Review.

Under the umbrella of Cirencester Town Council there is now an opportunity to finally achieve this long held aspiration.

To that end, a scheme has been developed by Landscape Architects and Traffic Engineers, designed to be an exemplar model of best contemporary practice, sympathetically designed for this important historical setting. 

The scheme provides for a change in the layout but still enables two way traffic and improved paving which with an extended community space facilitating the various outdoor markets means that parking would be available 7 days a week in the Market Place.

Indicative scheme costs are currently in excess of £1million.

Following full public consultation, the feedback was considered and a planning application submitted.

UPDATE - September 2017

Cirencester Town Centre Q & A

UPDATE - February 2017

Please note that all vehicular traffic is prohibited from entering Cricklade Street between 09.30 and 16:30 (except for deliveries).

UPDATE - November 2016

To assist residents and visitors, please refer to maps that show the direction of traffic flow and parking designations.

Market Place Traffic Flow Plan
Market Place Signage Location Plan
Market Place Signage Schedule

The overall aim of the project is to significantly reduce the volume and speed of traffic in the centre of the town and increase the area of paved surface given over to pedestrians.

The extensive consultation over several years was incorporated into the planning application that was granted consent in December 2014 and into the Highway Agreement required by Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) in early 2016.

The detailed plans for the project are available on line from Cotswold District Council’s Planning Applications Register and have been subject to further public consultation run by GCC for the necessary Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO's) which was publicised in July 2016. The TRO’s will come into effect on 15th December.

The removal of the traffic signals is part of an extended trial that is a requirement of GCC. The trial will run for a period of eighteen months following completion of the works.

Traffic and enforcement issues are the responsibility of GCC and the date that the Traffic Regulation Orders come into effect is 15th December, this is the date provided by GCC and is in their direct control. After this date enforcement can be effectively carried out.

CTC have raised concerns with the GCC regarding Cricklade Street, which is for pedestrians only between 09:30 and 16:30 except for deliveries, this remains unchanged. If approaching the Market Place from Gosditch Street direction, you are able to turn left into the Market Place to exit the town centre.

The new parking spaces in the Market Place are marked out by metal studs, paint and variations in the paving and a pay and display meter will be installed by GCC/CDC in due course.

There are two designated taxi spaces in front of the King's Head Hotel, shown as No. 5 on the map and shaded purple.

As advance warning, the following works are scheduled in the New Year:

  • Dyer Street works are scheduled to be undertaken from the 4th January (this will require a two way traffic light control);
  • Cricklade Street end/Castle Street works are scheduled to be undertaken from 16th January (this will require the closure of Castle Street, from Silver Street, for up to a maximum of 3 weeks, access will be maintained to service businesses i.e. for delivery vehicles).

UPDATE - November 2016

A stone laying ceremony was held on Tuesday 8th November in the new market place.

Cllr. Mark Harris, Mayor of Cirencester, along with Harriet Mainds, 20, of the Royal Agricultural University's Student Union, and Vicky Bannister, 16, of Cirencester College, helped lay down a  stone in the town centre.

The ceremony was attended by officers and councillors from Cirencester Town Council, representatives of builders Milbrooke Construction Ltd, the scheme's designer and architect Martin Portus, students and staff from Cirencester College and the Royal Agricultural University, and representatives from local community groups.

UPDATE - November 2016

The majority of the works are on schedule to be completed in November and the contractor will be clearing the site in time for the Advent Festival (26 Nov). Any minor works and snagging will be carried out in January/February, as we promised local businesses we would avoid the important Christmas and New Year trading period.

The area in front of the St John's Parish Church and the cross will be made available for Remembrance Sunday (13 Nov).

UPDATE - October 2016  

The majority of the works are to be completed early November. More specific update to be published later this month.

UPDATE - 16 September 2016

Lots of work going on in the Market Place - thank you for your patience with the inevitable disruptions this brings. The Project is both on time and on budget.

All your comments are being fed into our Major Projects Group. You can also contact Milbrooke via

UPDATE - 6 September 2016

Gosditch Street is now  open - traffic coming from Spitalgate towards the town centre.
Castle Street is one way - traffic going from the Market Place outwards towards Tetbury Road

UPDATE - 25 July 2016

The end of Blackjack Street will be closed on Thursday 28th July from 7 am until late whilst resurfacing works are carried out. The area affected is where Blackjack Street abuts West Market Place/Gosditch Street for that day only.

All delivery drivers are asked to avoid that day if possible, or if deliveries cannot be avoided delivery drivers will have to  reverse back down Blackjack Street.

UPDATE - 22 July 2016

Works are currently on schedule and on budget, albeit we are now entering a crucial phase of the overall delivery. The latest phasing timetable is as follows:

Market Place/Dyer Street (south side) drainage, kerbs & footpath - 3 July to 25 July;

Market Place/Dyer Street (north side) drainage, kerbs & footpath – 25 July to 15 August;

Market Place (south side) drainage, kerbs & footpath - 25 July to 15 August;

West Market Place – 1 August to 31 August;

Market Place (central area) – 1 August to 1 October;

Market Place (area in front of the Parish Church) – 19 September to 31 October.

UPDATE - July 2016

During the Market Place Regeneration works, Cirencester Town Centre is open as usual. Access to the Waterloo and Forum Car Parks is via the ring road and London Road & Access to the Old Station, Sheep Street and Brewery Car Parks via Waitrose Roundabout. Please continue to support Cirencester during the improvement works. All businesses are open as usual and don't forget Free after 3 parking in the Brewery & Forum Car Parks and also free parking at weekends at CDC Trinity Road, GL7 1PX and St. James's Place, GL7 1FP. CDC will also refund any tickets purchased in error after 3pm.

UPDATE - June 2016

Please be advised of the following road layout issues in accordance with the Gloucestershire Road Closure Notice dated 5th May 2016:

•    Gosditch Street and West Market Place will be closed from 1st July 2016 to 30th August 2016. The extent of the road closure will be from the junction of Market Place / West Market Place up to the junction of Gosditch Street / Coxwell Street.

•    Castle Street will be closed on the 28th June 2016 from 7.00am until late 

•    Castle Street will be one way from 29th June 2016 until 3rd July 2016 (direction Market Place outwards)

•    Castle Street will be two way from 4th July 2016 until further notice 

There will be signage in place to indicate these road closures / diversions.

UPDATE - June 2016 - See updated design plan. Progress report to be provided at the Council Meeting on 19 July 2016.

UPDATE - February 2016 - Works to commence w/c 22 February. See Press Release for further information.

UPDATE - December 2015
- Cirencester Town Council appoints contractor with works to commence early 2016.

UPDATE - April 2015 - Cirencester Town Council goes out to tender for a contractor to undertake Town Centre Regeneration scheme and applies for borrowing approval – April 2015.

UPDATE - December 2014 - Planning application approved by Local Planning Authority.

Mayor of Cirencester, Councillor Joe Harris, said: "It is a historic day for Cirencester. I hope this will be the first step in improving Cirencester for the current and future generations."

UPDATE - September 2014 - Further to submitting a planning application for the Town Centre Regeneration Project, the Town Council’s consultants have been working on providing a lot more detail and supplementary information in consultation with the County and District Council; we are now closer to the application being formally considered but await a specific date.

In the event of planning permission being granted the Town Council will then formally consider the level of borrowing required. We will then be able to apply to the Department for Communities and Local Government for approval to borrow funds. Once the outcome of that decision is known we will be able to plan the practical delivery and schedule timescales.


1.  Will the Market Place be pedestrianised?

No it will bea public realm space that allows cars and pedestrians to use the space but with priority for pedestrians.

2.  Will vehicles still have access to the Church?

Yes, Church vehicles will be able to draw up at the South Porch door.  

Market vehicles will have access to the South Porch area on designated market days.

3.  Will there be any parking retained?

Yes, there will be parking provision in the Market Place, including a taxi rank and 2 loading bays. There will also be on-street parking and a loading bay available along Castle Street

The spaces will be available throughout the week and importantly will, be available during Market days too. 

4.  Will the bus stops be retained?

The stop in West Market Place will remain, the others will be relocated adjacent to the Forum Car Park in order to start developing a properly designed integrated transport hub.

5.  How long will the construction period take and will the market and other vehicle access be able to continue?

The build period, the sequencing of the work and the ways to minimise disruption to businesses in the market Place is being discussed and checked by reputable contractors to minimise the contract period and maximise access.

It is most likely that no work would be undertaken in the peak period leading up to Christmas.

6.  Why is Castle Street to be one way West to East?

One of the key objectives set out by the Town Council in their brief was to reduce the amount of traffic passing through the Market Place and to lessen the traffic impediment for pedestrians flowing from Castle St/Black Jack St to the Market Place.

7. Who has worked on the scheme and where are they from?

- SKM Buchanan are the traffic engineers based in Bristol but with offices in Cirencester

- Portus and Whitton are based in Cirencester. Martin Portus has lived in Cirencester for 33 years 

- Magna, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers have been based in Cirencester for 25years

- Archaeological Solutions are based in Cirencester

- IDS engineers are based in Cirencester

- HWM, Building Services are based in Cirencester  



8.  What was the response from the Public Consultation in Autumn 2012? 

Excluding the response ‘no opinion’ generally supportive ranging from approximately 2:1 up to 15:1 in favour of the proposals

The clearest mandate for support was ‘would the proposals outlined will improve Cirencester’ which was supported approx. 5:1

The comments associated with non-support tended to be more vociferous

- Castle Street – No Right Turn

Cost – how will it be paid for?

- Potential savings

- Pre-Tender consultation

- Fund raising


- Trees 

- Bike parking

- Shallow kerbs

9.  What other consultations have been taking place? 

Further Stakeholder & Engineering Consultation


- EH – small kerbs

- Engineering – drainage

- Partially sighted groups

- Market design 

- SKM 

- West Market Place Vissim model 

- Traffic Impact Assessment

- Buses

- Parking

- RSA Safety + Risk Assessment


- Potential savings

- Pre-Tender consultation

- Fund raising

Businesses in the Market Place

- All businesses in the Market Place have been written to and consulted regarding their deliveries, cellars and concerns

10.  What are the next steps?

Set up a dedicated website and facebook page providing full details on the scheme (during April 2013). 

To write and consult with all residents and businesses in Cirencester giving people the opportunity to engage and comment on the scheme (during May 2013). 

Week long public exhibition (during May/early June 2013). 

Arrange a public presentation and Q&A session (June 2013). 

11. How certain are the published costs?

At this stage sufficient design and site investigation has been undertaken to carry out a detailed costing exercise. Greater cost certainty will be achieved through a tendering process once the design is finalised.