Cirencester Town Centre Design Code

Building on its place shaping work through the Community Plan ‘Our Future Cirencester’, Green Spaces Strategy, planning concept and policy statements, Cirencester Town Council is now launching a Town Centre Design Code and is asking the community and local stakeholders to comment.

The objective behind the writing of this Public Realm Design Code is to fill the gap between a number of existing guidance documents, namely:

• The Cotswold Design Code, Cotswold District Council, March 2000
• Cirencester Conservation Area Character Appraisal & Management Plan, Cotswold District Council, 2008
• Cirencester Town Centre SPD, Cotswold District Council, November 2008

Although all of these documents touch on public realm design, none of them deal with it in detail and often useful information is lost due to the broad scope of these documents.

The objective of the design code is to produce a single concise document that is easy to use and provides clear guidance on appropriate public realm treatment for the streets within Cirencester town centre and Conservation Areas.

Having a fully justified and approved Design Code in place will enable Cirencester Town Council to take an informed position on Planning Consultations; help to improve design standards; ensure that new built development and changes to the public realm are appropriate to the character of the town; and help to direct investment into the town’s public realm.

Cirencester Town Centre Design Code

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