Cirencester Town Council Budget 2017/18

In 2017/18, the Town Council element of the council tax for a band D equivalent property is £121; an increase of around 25 pence per month per household. Through its financial planning the Town Council continues to minimise the increases in its core budget whilst maintaining, and aiming to increase, service delivery to the community.
This is an estimated breakdown of how the money is spent: -
Corporate (including renting office/meeting space, business rates, insurance and staff/member training):
Expenditure – £184,000 (2016/17 £187,000)
Income - £53,500 (2016/17 £53,500)
Office Services (including administration, local information centre, social media and communication):
Expenditure £124,750 (2016/17 £122,250)
Income £1,600 (2016/17 £1,000)
Estate Services(including the Abbey Grounds, Amphitheatre, St Michael’s Park, City Bank, sport, recreation, litter and a new environment post):
Expenditure £413,700 (2016/17 £377,700)
Income £39,400 (2016/17 £35,900)
Community Services(including CCTV, children’s activities, youth work, outdoor markets, community grants, the mop fair, advent festival and Christmas lights):
Expenditure £212,000 (2016/17 £227,300)
Income £31,700 (2016/17 £42,500)


£137,000 (2016/17 £255,000) is being invested in a range of projects including a feasibility study in to developing a Neighbourhood Plan, supporting the local Sports Partnership, new play equipment and play area resurfacing and continuing improvements at the Amphitheatre.


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