Market Place Latest News

Where do the buses now stop and start from?
Buses which previously dropped off/picked up passengers in front of the Parish Church now stop and pick up passengers outside Bingham House and at the public transport hub in South Way. Buses which used to pick up passengers from outside the Corn Hall now pick up at South Way.

The Town Council has been able to provide improved seating and information facilities at South Way, with new bus shelters recently being installed.

Where can I find a taxi?
There is a regulated taxi rank in the Market Place close to the Kings Head Hotel. There are also taxi spaces in the Waterloo, near the Woolmarket, and near the Forum Car Park in South Way. We understand that taxi drivers have concerns relating to the number of spaces provided and discussions continue between the taxi trade, Cotswold District Council, the Town Council and County.

How much did the scheme cost?
The original contract price was £1,417,821; £1.4 million was paid for by way of a public works loan, the remainder being funded from the Town Council’s reserves. Additional works commissioned by the Town Council totalled £82,451 and were funded with third party funds e.g. S106 developer contributions. 

What happens now that the main contractor has gone in to administration?
The Town Council retained a fund of £6,869 which will be used to cover any works/maintenance that would have been the responsibility of Milbrooke; at the end of the defects liability period any unspent funds from this amount will be payable to the appointed administrator.  

How is the new space in front of the Parish Church going to be used?
The vastness is intentional to enjoy the Parish Church and its surroundings in a peaceful setting but equally the intention was for the new space to be used for and by the community. 
This is now the home of the outdoor markets and such is the popularity that we have been able to reintroduce the Monday Charter Market and have a variety of Saturday markets which have complemented the Farmers Market offer. In this space there has also been a pop up micro-pub with live music and local food, as well as the Fleece Fayre. Cirencester can also look forward to the Mop returning. 

I have a blue badge, but where can I now park?
In addition to the dedicated spaces in the off-street car parks, blue badge holders can park in the designated pay and display bays in the Market Place and along Castle Street, free of charge for up to three hours. 

The intention was that there would be no restrictions on blue badge parking in the town centre; the Town Council was concerned to learn that within the restricted parking zone blue badge holders could only park in designated pay and display bays. The Town Council has raised this as an urgent issue with the County Council and is making representation to have designated disabled bays in the Market Place. 

What is the Town Council doing for blue badge holders?
In addition to making representation to GCC on behalf of blue badge holders for more on-street provision, the Town Council wants Cirencester to be a welcoming place for everyone. Mobility access is high on the Town Council’s agenda and we’ll be preparing a ‘Welcome to Cirencester’ information card specifically for the elderly and blue badge holders to assist with getting around the town to enjoy all that Cirencester has to offer.   

Who is responsible for maintaining the new Market Place?
Cirencester Town Council will be responsible for maintaining the new paving over the next 12 months; the public highway i.e. pedestrian paving and road way will then revert back to Gloucestershire County Council. The area in front of the Parish Church has been ‘stopped up’ and is no longer public highway and will remain within the remit of the Town Council to maintain. There is an agreement with GCC that in the future enhanced materials will not be replaced with tarmac, the Town Council contributing financially to the difference between tarmac and the enhanced material.

What happens when the new paving needs digging up for utilities repairs?
This will inevitably happen and has happened in certain locations; we have been concerned about the way in which the paving has been relayed and have raised these concerns with the highway authority as the paving should be replaced on a like for like basis.


What is happening about Cricklade Street?
Discussions have been held with Gloucestershire County Council and a proposal is expected in early October. The issue relating to vehicular access in a predominantly pedestrian retail shopping area has been raised within the independent Road Safety Audit and therefore consideration will also be given to any remedial action such as improved signage.

What has the Town Council done about all the concerns being raised?
The Town Council has listened to concerns and in respect of the kerb heights/tripping did ask for this matter to be considered as part of the independent road safety audit (RSA). Whilst the RSA identified no safety issues with the kerb height the Town Council will ask for the issue of access to be considered as part of the independent mobility audit. Since April 2017 the Town Council has received 7 reports of people tripping over.

What was the point of changing Castle Street, why can’t it return to two-way flow?
One of the primary aims of the scheme was to reduce and deter unnecessary traffic from using the Market Place as a through route and to encourage greater use of the by pass/ring road, as originally intended, to get to outlying shopping areas and destinations.

Are there any other enhancements planned?
Now that the major work is complete we are looking to improve facilities including seating, signage, greenery, cycling and a new phone box. We are also looking to source a traditional red phone box for the West Market Place, which we hope can house a defibrillator and community library/information point. 

Will the Town Council be reviewing the impact of the changes?
As part of the planning permission the removal of the traffic light controls forms part of a planning condition and pilot period of approximately 12 – 18 months. In addition, the Town Council will be formally seeking the views of the public, residents, businesses and visitors. This will be carried out once a full seasonal cycle is complete, i.e. going through a spring, summer, autumn and winter season. This consultation will therefore take place in the spring of 2018. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t contact the Town Council with your views and thoughts beforehand.