We Remember 1918

The Cirencester Community Development Trust in collaboration with the Barn Theatre Project at Ingleside have initiated collaboration with various community groups including the Royal British Legion and clergy and officers of the Parish Church to provide events to commemorate the end of the First World War in the week before and the weekend of  Sunday 11th November 2018 in a memorable way. 

Apart from concerts and special services, ambitious plans are in hand to create a Human Poppy in the Market Place and to stage a unique production: ”A Cotswold War” in the Corn Hall on the Sunday.

Sign up for the Human Poppy

Sign up to come along on Sunday 11 November at 2pm to form a Human Poppy in the Market Place.

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You will need to arrive at 1pm wearing a white top and you will be given a red, black or green poncho to wear. After the poppy is formed, at a given point, you will be asked to take off your poncho to reveal white tops - which will be a sign of peace.

Whole families can come along. You can choose to be a soldier from Cirencester who fell in the Great War or from one of the parishes, or a relative or an “unknown soldier” - the choice is yours and it can be very personal if you so wish.

Please sign up on the CCDT website (Link below).

CCDT Website

We Remember Leaflet