Local Elections - 2 May 2019

The Local Government Election were held on Thursday, 2 May 2019 and included electing councillors to serve on the district and town and parish councils.

Declaration of Results District

Parish/Town Council Results

Other Statements of Persons Nominated and Notices of Uncontested elections are now on the Cotswold District Council website at ttps://www.cotswold.gov.uk/about-the-council/elections/current-future-elections/

Local Election - front.png

Councillors who serve on Cirencester Town Council are democratically elected from the local community. As a democratically elected local council, councillors consider and decide on what services and projects the council will deliver in order to meet a wide range of local needs.

Being the first tier of local government and the closest to our communities, town and parish councillors are best placed to engage with residents and businesses to find out what the real issues are and how to overcome them.

Local town and parish councils are encouraging residents who are passionate about their community to stand for election. There are currently 120,000 councillors serving on the 10,000 local councils in England.