Cirencester Neighbourhood Development Plan - Steering Group Appointments

Are you passionate about Cirencester? Would you like to help shape Cirencester’s future?

Cirencester Town Council is setting up a community-led steering group which will prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the town.

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The NDP will help shape the long term future of Cirencester, so that development and planning decisions are taken in consideration with the needs of everyone in our community.

This is why we want everyone, irrespective of age or background, to consider applying to join the steering group. You will have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas alongside officers and Councillors of both the town and district council in a truly collaborative way.

Here is some key information about the NDP steering group:

Purpose: to prepare a plan which will add detail and clarity to existing planning policy and establish new policies on that which the adopted Local Plan is silent.

Frequency: meetings will be held about once a month.

Where and When: meetings are likely to be held in the town centre at Bingham House on dates and a time which are most convenient to the appointed group.

How Long: meetings are expected to last for about two hours with some commitment required outside of meetings to read and prepare information.

Task and Finish: this is a task and finish project with an expected completion date of 2020 when a public referendum to approve the plan would take place.

Partnership: this is a partnership initiative with CDC, which sits alongside preparing a town centre masterplan.

If you would like further information please contact your local town councillor or the Town Council’s CEO, Andrew Tubb at

Please apply with a covering letter and your latest CV by hand delivery at the Local Information Centre, Bingham House, Dyer Street or by e-mail to on or before Monday 8th April 2019.