Park Community Group

Park Community Group was set up in 2010 and is one of 5 Community Groups within the town. Originally it was aligned with Park Ward but recent changes to ward boundaries mean that is now most closely aligned with Abbey Ward.  

The Group is open to everyone living or working in the central part of Cirencester. Like the other groups in the neighbourhood partnership it seeks to safeguard the community interests of those who live or work in the town. 

The group was set up to give local residents a forum to voice opinions about local issues and work constructively to resolve them. Recent issues we have discussed and made representation on are parking, flooding; the Market Place regeneration, the proposed Chesterton Development and the cleanliness of the town and its green spaces.

 In partnership with others, we also take practical steps to improve the town. A couple of years ago we did a street audit of Cricklade St and, more recently, we have worked on the Riverside Walk, generally cleaning & tidying, painting the bridge, sowing wild flowers and revitalising a scruffy garden area at the junction of the walk with Thomas St.

 We meet at 6.45pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the upstairs room at ‘Somewhere Else’ on Castle St.

Come along to the meetings, all are welcome - they are for you and you can make a difference. Help us to achieve what we set out to do when we set up the group "Working together to make things better". 



Contact us:

Chair: Tony Curry
T:01285 650852

Secretary: Mary Cobbett