Your Council 

Cirencester Town Council has an honoured position in serving the people of Cirencester; a population of approximately 20,000. The Council is proactive in providing local services and encourages participatory involvement from the community.

Cirencester has a wonderful history and accordingly the Town Council, whilst seeking to recognise and protect the town's heritage, is also making every effort to enable the townspeople to enjoy a quality of life compatible with the 21st Century.

Aims and Aspirations:

"Cirencester Town Council is dedicated to meeting the needs and aspirations of the whole community by:
•    Providing cost-effective services
•    Promoting a clean, safe and low-crime environment
•    Supporting local activities and facilities for all
•    Encouraging citizenship and localism
•    Supporting the local economy
•    Encouraging appropriate development which will sustain a vibrant town”

The Council undertakes a role of leadership on behalf of local people and businesses; working together not only with the community but other partners such as Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council.

What we do:

Here is a list of some of the varied services and amenities provided, maintained or supported by the Town Council for the benefit of the people of Cirencester:

•    Advent Festival & Christmas Lights
•    Allotments
•    Bus Shelters
•    CCTV & Community Safety
•    Charter Market and Farmers’ Market
•    Civic Events  
•    Closed Church Yard
•    Community Response
•    Environmental Improvements, Floral Tubs, and Grass-cutting
•    Children & Young People
•    Grant Aid
•    Kingshill Sports & Community Facility
•    Local Information Centre
•    Love Parks Week
•    Mop Fair
•    Newsletters
•    Open spaces, play parks & recreational facilities
•    Planning and Licensing Consultation
•    Public Seating
•    Economic Development
•    Tennis at St. Michael's Park

How the Council is made up:

The Town Council was formed in 1974 as a result of local government re-organisation and currently has 16 Councillors. The town is split into the following 8 wards: -
Abbey Ward
Chesterton Ward
Four Acres Ward
New Mills Ward
St Michael's Ward
Stratton Ward
The Beeches Ward
Watermoor Ward

Initiatives and projects that the Town Council is committed to through the ‘Our Future Cirencester’ Community Plan and Green Spaces Strategy:

•    Amphitheatre, Business, Cirencester Local, City Bank and other green spaces
•    Festivals, Fun Places, Culture & Heritage, Open Air Swimming Pool
•    Safer Routes to School, Safer Community
•    Schools at the Heart of the Community
•    Sport & Physical Activity, Sustainability Projects
•    Sustainable Transport, Transition Cirencester