Cirencester & District Air Rifle and Pistol League

The Cirencester & District Air Rifle and Pistol League has been in operation in Cirencester since 1932 and is one of the oldest organisations in Cirencester. It closed down for a while during the 1939-1945 war but returning soldiers expressed a wish to recommence shooting once more and so it was re-established in Cirencester shortly after 1946.

(The image is the 10m League badge and the other picture shows some of the many trophies that are to be won during the years' shooting.)

The Club has continued in operation ever since and now has a current membership of some 50 members. They shot for many years in the Corn Hall and now, with the Wildmoor developments having taken over at the Corn Hall, meet every Monday evening from September to May each year at the Social Club in Chesterton Lane, Cirencester, when many trophies are to be gained.

The Club's Chairman is Mr Peter Tugwell (Coates) and the Club Secretary is Mr Tony Clack (Down Ampney). The Secretary used to be the All England Captain at one time, and overall the expertise in its members is quite outstanding.

Young members are always very welcome at any of the evenings, or if preferred may ring the Secretary on 01793-750930, where they will be made most welcome.


Website: where all fixture dates and much data can be obtained.