Cirencester Men's Skittle League

The Cirencester Men's Skittle league has existed for over 70 years and currently has 980 members in 68 teams - that means 10% of the local male population plays skittles!

Each team is associated with a pub, hotel or club where the alley is situated. We play once a week throughout the autumn and winter periods. We are always encouraging new members to come and give it a go so just drop me an email, address below, and I'll put you in touch with some team secretaries. This is an excellent opportunity to meet old and new friends, attracting people from all walks of life e.g. painters, solicitors, decorators, civil servants, farmers, IT specialists etc.

Ladies are not forgotten, there is a 600 strong league in Cirencester too. A history of skittles is very well explained online at


Dave Richards
General Secretary Cirencester Men's Skittles League