Cirencester Scrabble Club

Cirencester Scrabble Club is now in its thirty-fourth year and meets every Monday evening from 7pm to 9.45pm in the common room at the Waterloo Flats, The Waterloo. This is an excellent venue, being near the centre of town, with easy parking and with wheelchair access to the building.

Our members are of all ages and abilities and are a very friendly group of individuals - always willing to help newcomers with the rather odd two and three letter words to which they soon become accustomed!

To make club nights more interesting there are several competitions including a Round Robin and a Knockout with a handicap system, in order to give everyone a fair chance.

New members of any age and ability are always very welcome and soon start to enjoy the 'mental workout', the humour and the drink of hot chocolate, coffee or tea, with biscuits, offered by the club!


Judy Monger on 01285 861292 or email: