Cotswold Model Car Club

Cotswold Model Car Club are a group of Radio-Controlled (RC) car enthusiasts racing RC cars at Cotswold Airport, near Kemble. Established at Cotswold Airport in 2004, we race from late March / early April to the beginning of October.

We hold many race meetings throughout the racing 'season', ranging from low-key 'club meetings, through to regional and National-level race meets. We are lucky to have several National-level drivers who live local to the area, who are often on hand at every meeting to give the benefit of their experience and advise beginners and improving drivers on the equipment and techniques necessary to progress.

The Club runs to the BRCA (British Radio Car Association) rules and for insurance purposes, all members eventually have to join the BRCA to race at the club.
We encourage everyone to race, and our club has a diverse age (and skill!) range. Depending on entries, there are often two or three groups for each class which allows everyone to race with others of similar ability in the 'finals', which are the culmination to the day's racing, and can result at some meetings in awards being given.


The Club's Chairman is Ian Coates, and the Secretary is Minny Dyson. The club can be contacted at and for more information about the club, go to the club's website at