The Mayor of Cirencester is the chairman of the Town Council. Members of the council nominate a councillor each year to take on this role.

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The present Mayor, Councillor Patrick Coleman, was elected by council on the 14th May 2019.

The Mayor’s role is to chair town council meetings and to lead the council at civic events.

If you wish to enquire whether the Mayor is available to open your event or attend a function please complete this form and send to or Bingham House, 1 Dyer Street, Cirencester, Gl7 2PP. Please try and give as much notice as possible.

News and Events

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Itzehoe Visit

In July you may have heard a lot of German being spoken around the town and you might have noticed a lot of activity around the bench and tree in Cricklade Street. Cirencester Twinning Association was delighted to welcome a group of 24 , mostly from Itzehoe, our twin town in Germany, but also from Malchin in what was East Germany, who are also twinned with Itzehoe.

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The Mayor and the Twinning Association welcomed the Mayor of Itzehoe, Dr Koeppen, and the leader of the council, Dr Mueller, at a civic reception at the Bingham Gallery. The visitors enjoyed guided tours of the town by the civic society before congregating around the tree in Cricklade Street to take photos. The bench and tree were presented to Cirencester by Itzehoe in 1993. The tub with the badges of Cirencester and Itzehoe , cared for by the Phoenix Gardeners, added greatly to the setting. In the afternoon the visitors enjoyed listening to Cirencester Band as they celebrated their centenary , joined by members of the Oelixdoerfer Band.

Itzehoe is also planning a major twinning celebration with all their twin towns next June and would be delighted to see people from Cirencester there. For details of these events and further information about the twinning association please go to the Cirencester Twinning Association website where we will post information as we receive it.

Home-Start AGM

In June the Mayor was delighted to the attend Home-Start’s 14th Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 26th June.

Home-Start is a national family support charity that helps parents to build better lives for their children. Each year trained volunteers provide support and friendship to more than 30,000 families and 60,000 children across the UK. Home-Start Cotswolds is one of more than 260 local Home-Start schemes which are run as small independent charities under the Home-Start UK umbrella. Our scheme supports families with children under the age of 5 throughout the Cotswolds from our office in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.  Volunteers work alongside parents in their own homes to improve parenting skills, boost confidence and well-being, help with family management and establish social networks.

Home-Start website

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From (left to right): Incoming Chair, Steve Kaufmann; outgoing Chair, Christine Hall, Mayor of Cirencester, and far right Senior Coordinator, Katharine Campbell.