News Releases

The Council regularly issues Press Releases, which are circulated to the local press, and are published here.

September 2019: Farmers Market 20th Anniversary
July 2019:
Green Flag Award
July 2019:
Love Parks Week
May 2019: Clive Sherwood Cup, 2018
February 2019:
Litter Campaign
February 2019: Markets and Events Launch, 2019
February 2019: Cirencester Youth Market, 2019
November 2018: Nell Gifford, founder of Gifford’s Circus, to turn on the Cirencester Christmas Lights
October 2018: Clive Sherwood Cup, 2018
October 2018: Joint CDC/CTC Press Release - New plan will unlock opportunities for Cirencester town centre
September 2018: Mop Fair
July 2018: Grant-Aid and Financial Support 2018/19
July 2018:  St. Michael's Park is recognised as one of the UK's best green spaces
June 2018: Cirencester Food Festival
June 2018: Cirencester Town Centre
June 2018: The Handlebards at St. Michael's Park
June 2018: Fleece Fayre Photo Competition Winners
April 2018: Capture the Fun of the Fleece Fayre!
April 2018: Cirencester Fleece Fayre 2018
April 2018: Improvements to Cirencester Town Centre CCTV
April 2018: Clive Sherwood Cup Winner
March 2018 : Cirencester Youth Market Pre-Event Press Release
February 2018: Cirencester Youth Market
November 2017: Cirencester Sparkles Advent Festival Announcement
October 2017:  Staff undertake lifesaving training
September 2017: Clive Sherwood Cup
September 2017: Mop Fair
August 2017: Cirencester Open Air Bar
July 2017:  Love Parks 2017
June 2017: The Cabin
May 2017:  Cirencester Fleece Fayre, 2017
April 2017:  Youth Market 2017, A Celebration of the Town’s Young Entrepreneurs and Performers
March 2017: Ozone are looking for Young Volunteers
February 2017: Cirencester Youth Market, 2017
February 2017: Get Fit for Free at Kingshill Outdoor Gym
February 2017: Grant Aid and Financial Support 2017/18
November 2016: Cirencester Town Centre Design Code
November 2016: Calling all Charities!
November 2016: Cirencester Sparkles & Advent
October 2016: New Lease of Life for Cirencester Markets
September 2016: Cirencester Mop Fair
September 2016: Market Moves Temporarily to Brewery Court
July 2016: Chesterton South Outline Planning Application
July 2016: Cirencester Town Centre Regeneration Project
July 2016:  Love Parks 2016
June 2016: Workers of Cirencester Loyalty Scheme
May 2016: Land at Purley Road
May 2016: Friday Charter Market Trading until 4 pm
March 2016: Grant & Financial Support 2016/17
February 2016: Town Centre Regeneration Project - Markets
February 2016: Town Centre Regeneration Project
February 2016: Cirencester Strategic Site
February 2016: Dogs on leads in the Abbey Grounds
January 2016: Abbey Grounds
December 2015: Cirencester at Christmas
September 2015: Land at Purley Road/Victoria Road
August 2015: Armed Forces Covenant