Ninja Tots

Ninja Tots classes start from the age of two through to eleven, when most of the other martial arts clubs are only just getting going. We take an imaginative and animated approach to teaching martial arts, making our classes UNIQUE AND FUN. 

We have created an educational programme to build confidence and develop essential skills, giving your child the best opportunity to 'find their feet' later in life. Our classes are designed to be exciting, enriching and above all, with distinct age-appropriate curriculum's, lots of fun.
But Ninja Tots is so much more than just a children's activity!

An increased attention span 

Improved hand-eye coordination and motor skills 

Improved listening and concentration skills

Higher levels of respect and good behaviour

Improved self-confidence and belief in themselves

Greater overall health and fitness

A "Yes I Can" attitude to life!


To book a taster class or join in straight away contact us on or 01285 847008.  See our website for more details on class locations or