St Peter's Catholic Church

The Church is conveniently situated near the centre of the town and serves a fairly large area in the immediate surrounds of Cirencester. A mission was founded in Cirencester in 1855 but the building of the present church commenced in 1895, hence its centenary was celebrated in 1996. St Peter's is part of the Catholic Diocese of Clifton.

Father Isidore Nnamdi Obi is the parish priest. Fr Issy, as he is often called, takes the pastoral care of the Catholic communities of Cirencester and Tetbury areas. He continues, like his predecessors, to provide a caring and spiritual ministry to a large congregation.

If you are a visitor to St Peter's,  you are welcome. If you are new to the Parish, please make yourself known to someone in the congregation. At Saturday evening and Sunday morning masses there will be a welcoming person with a badge.



Contact: Rev. Fr. Isiodore Obi T: 01285 652087