The Mother's Union

The Mother's Union is a Christian movement of over 4 million women and men, living in 83 countries. It has a special concern for families, reflected through its practical projects worldwide.

Here in the UK and Ireland, the outreach is varied and chosen to meet particular needs locally. Prison Creches, Parenting Classes, (many parents recognise their need for help),"Away from it all" holiday scheme for needy families. Inner City Projects for single parents and their children, all these and many more reflect the MU concern for the well being of families of many kinds. All this work is undertaken voluntarily.

Worldwide projects may vary due to the specific needs of families where poverty is rife and education, often expensive, is denied many.  Literacy, Hygiene and Nutrition programmes are in great demand. These projects are run by MU Workers, all trained and indigenous of where they work. Their salaries are paid for largely by the members in this country.

The central place of marriage and the family and the wish to build homes where children can grow up in security and love, are at the heart of the Mothers' Union and its work.

The MU meets in Cirencester on the first Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm  in Watermoor Church Hall and the third Wednesday at 8pm, either in the Parish Centre or St Lawrence Church Centre. All are welcome to attend the meetings. Further information from 01285 654038 or: