Cirencester Town Council welcomes volunteers in all areas of work. Opportunities exist for both short term and long term placements to individuals and groups.

Local Information Centre - Our team of volunteers help out at Cirencester Town Council's Local Information Centre at Bingham House, dealing with enquiries in person and by telephone, providing local town and community information.  

Land and Property Services -  The green spaces managed by Cirencester Town Council are at the very heart of the community. Volunteers help in a wide variety of ways such as planting bulbs, helping with woodland management and assisting with green spaces projects. They can be individuals wanting to nurture their local green space or corporate volunteers from local businesses. There are a whole host of activities in a range of spaces that you can take part in.


Ozone Cirencester is looking for volunteers to assist with the Ozone Café at Kingshill Skate Park in Cirencester. Young volunteers are required, as well as adults and young adults who are willing to volunteer as assistants or mentors.   


Bingham Library Trust - Volunteer Stewards
The annual exhibition in the Bingham Gallery remains dependent on the continued support of volunteer stewards. 


Cirencester's Advent Festival - This is one of the highlights of the town's calendar.  The Christmas market opens, there is an afternoon of live music and wonderful carol singing. The Advent Festival is put on by Cirencester Town Council with the help of a team of volunteers who welcome visitors, hand-out information and programmes, and monitor the crowds.


If you are interested in any of the above positions or would like more information, please email info@cirencester.gov.uk.  There is also a national volunteering website - www.do-it.org

Work Experience Placements

Cirencester Town Council actively supports unpaid work placements. We offer an introduction to working in a busy, professional environment as well as an understanding of the wide range of services we provide to the local community. 

Placements are tailored to suit individual skills and needs but we offer every work placement the opportunity to:

•    Take part in an induction on their first morning to gain an understanding of the many services  Cirencester Town Council provides.
•    Understand the main health and safety issues affecting employees in the workplace.
•    Carry out relevant project work relating to a specific service area.

We welcome applications from school, college and university students; graduates; job seekers and adults with learning and/or physical disabilities. 

Students are supervised by a workplace mentor throughout their placement period.  
Please contact info@cirencester.gov.uk for more information and to register your interest.

Please note:- work experience placements are subject to availability.