Your Council

Cirencester Town Council has an honoured position in serving the people of Cirencester; a population of approximately 20,000. The Council is proactive in providing local services and encourages participatory involvement from the community.

Cirencester has a wonderful history and accordingly the Town Council, whilst seeking to recognise and protect the town's heritage, is also making every effort to enable the townspeople to enjoy a quality of life compatible with the 21st Century.

The Town Council takes seriously the needs and aspirations of all, as can be seen from its Purpose Statement, which identifies: -

"Cirencester Town Council is a council dedicated to working towards meeting the needs and aspirations of the community by: -

  • Providing cost-effective services
  • Promoting a clean, safe and low-crime environment
  • Supporting activities and facilities for all ages and abilities
  • Encouraging good citizenship and pride in our town
  • Supporting a vibrant economy
  • Encouraging appropriate developments that can meet the needs of all

The Council undertakes a role of leadership on behalf of local people and businesses; working together not only with the community but other partners such as Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council.

What we do?

Here is a list of some of the varied services and amenities provided by the Town Council for the benefit of the people of Cirencester. For further information, please contact our Customer Information and Administrative Officers.

Local Information Centre

Management of Open Spaces

Parks, Recreation and Sport (Abbey Grounds, St. Michael's Park, Baunton Lane and Kingshill Lane Sports and Community Development)

Charter, Farmers and Christmas Markets

Community and Neighbourhood Engagement

Youth Town Council

Community Safety

Ozone Youth Initiative

Mop Fair

Voluntary Sector and Local Organisational Grants

Environment Improvements and Town Centre Regeneration

Winter Maintenance and Assistance

How is the Council made up?

The Town Council was formed in 1974 as a result of local government re-organisation and has 15 Councillors. The town is split into 8 wards. The wards are: -

Watermoor Ward
New Mills Ward
Abbey Ward
Four Acres Ward
The Beeches Ward
Chesterton Ward
St Michael's Ward
Stratton Ward

Please contact your Ward Councillors who will be happy to help you with any query or concern you may have relating to your town, their contact details can be found by clicking on the 'Town Councillors' link on this page.

If you are thinking of becoming a Town Councillor, further information can be found on the 'Getting Involved' page.

You are very welcome to attend our meetings and further information on public participation can be found by clicking on 'Getting Involved'. Click here for a 'Schedule of Meetings'.

What is the Town Council’s income and expenditure?

Details of all expenditure items which are approved by the Council at each meeting are included on an item by item basis in the Minutes. Minutes of all recent Council meetings can be viewed by clicking on minutes.

In addition, the Council’s monthly bank reconciliation statements which include details of the income that the Council currently has can be found by clicking on Financial Information.